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The RSA Transfer Window enables individuals move their Retirement Savings Account (RSA) from one from one Pension Fund Administrator (PFA) to another through the RSA Transfer System.
To initiate RSA transfer, you must ensure that you have completed the data recapture exercise with your current PFA and then you must provide the following to your preferred PFA; • Surname • RSA PIN • Current Telephone Number • Email address • RSA Transfer Form
RSA Transfer comes at zero cost, the process is free.
RSA transfer requests received are batched and processed at the end of every quarter, requests made within the quarter will be treated in that quarter. However, requests made in the last month of a quarter will be processed in the next quarter. Transfers will be effected within 7working days after the quarter in which the request is made
No, it will not affect your account balance. Follow up with your new PFA to ensure accuracy of your RSA balance
Send an email to info@sigmapensions
Please furnish your employer with details of your employer details of your new PFA for the subsequent remittance of your monthly pension contributions.
You will also be notified when the transfer has been completed.
Yes, a retiree who is on PW is eligible to transfer his/her RSA from one PFA to another.
Yes, you can. Simply provide proof of impairment with the uploaded alongside your application
An RSA holder has the right to transfer his or her account from one PFA to another. The National Pencom Commission (PenCom) has put measures in place to ensure that such right is respected.
No, the RSA transfer request cannot be cancelled after its initiation.