Our customers mean the world to us, which is why organizations often look for ways to serve them better, improve their experience, and turn them into raving fans. Little wonder there are many materials and trainings on how to keep them loyal.

One of the most important things for organizations is to see their customers carry those vuvuzelas to cheer them and let everyone know that they are the “IT” organization.

Books have defined these individuals as powerful, aka, Kings, wielding the authority and influence of kings.

Sometimes this sentence “Customer is King” irks a lot of people in business. However, let us be honest, when you started your business who were you expecting to patronize it? Errm … people of course! And what are they called? Customers!

Consider this, it was on a Monday morning; Mr. X walked into the office neatly dressed, but not dripping with sauce (if you know what I mean). well- tailored suit, fine pair of shoes, you know the whole nine yards.

In less than a minute, all hell broke loose! The soft-spoken, well looking individual, turned into a Hulk! Thankfully nothing was broken, though fuming, and very irate, he tried to influence other customers around. Swiftly, the Supervisor took charge, before the place turned into a circus, or a scene from the Avengers Endgame!

With time, the customer was calmed. Investigation revealed that discrepancies in information relating to his age, had confused the data input, thus making the system reject his verification. Although, it was clearly the customer’s fault having provided inconsistent information at different times, the supervisor’s focus was on resolving the customer’s issues, without unnecessary aspersions. On a side note, the total balance in his account is just above 50,000 Naira.

Yes, how dare he? some would say. Should I bother with this customer? Only 50k? The simple answer is Yes, every customer adds value to the organization in revenue or market share.

Truth is there are people within his circle of influence, that may add great value to you as an organization. Remember, influence, authority, power, these are the characteristics of a king.

They go to battle, which in this case is the ‘marketplace”, where there are other players seeking the attention of these people who may be within his network and influence or what we can call “his universe”.  

Every organization wants to win here and be recognized as Industry leaders.

A lot of organizations have realized this, which is why they are always creating and re-inventing, to appeal to the customer.  More and more organizations are adopting customer-centric, customer-focused strategies, tools and technology for improved and consistent customer experience.

You must prepare yourself to meet with a ‘King”. Think about the best Ankara style you have ever seen, perfume, jewelry to get the attention of the King, in order words ‘packaging” as we call it in Nigeria.

The Customer is king and deserving of all the strategies we put in place to keep them happy, make them stay, push them to battle for us and win new business.  Today’s customer has become even more demanding, because of globalization.  

They rule in their various ‘nations’- work, family, religious affiliations, book club, friends, clubsand so on. Conquering these nations, means more business for the organization. Driven by this changing customer behaviour, organizations position themselves through strategic superior customer service delivery.  

Wouldn’t you rather roll out the red carpet for this king?

Our thoughts, what are yours?

Vuvuzela: – (trumpet used during the world cup in South Africa than can deafen the ears)